Group of Friends Hanging Out


Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Day is celebrated annually on February 14th. The first Valentines Day celebration took place in France. Did you know the total spending for Valentine's Day is expected to reach $26 billion and 145 million greeting cards are exchnaged every year for Valentines Day! Every February, there are fun activities to celebrate the day. Some people might play bingo, go to lunch, have a dance party at school, or just eat chocolate! We hope you enjoy some fun activies for Valentines Day. 


Check out a list of activies below to help make the festivities fun and safe:

1. Family Movie Night! 

2. Scavenger Hunt! 

3. Bake Something Sweet! 

4. Make DIY Crafts! 

5. Have a Valentines Day Breakfast! 


Have a happy and safe holiday! 

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